Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coleen McIntyre

About Coleen:

Since Childhood I have had a passion for painting and creating using anything I could get my hands on. Born and raised in New Jersey, I left to pursue my education at the University of Arts in Philadelphia. During my time in college I had a chance to experiment with a multitude of different mediums and fine tune my artwork. I found myself to be in love with watercolor, pen and ink. I graduated with a BFA in illustration and am currently enjoying a freelance career consisting of children’s book work. In 2010 I completed my first book, “Baking with Friends, and have been selling my paintings and prints since 2000.

I derive most of my ideas from old folk tales, children’s books, songs, nature, and dreams. My intentions for my artwork are to illustrate a story within a single picture, preserve a special moment or thought, and to invoke your own interpretation of the image. I have also been trying out some fun new projects that incorporate my drawings and paintings with found objects and mixed media.

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